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drew mr. papa nier

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Back in 2011 (October 28th, specifically), Square-Enix hosted the “SQ Level 2 - NieR Evening of Madness) in the 2.5D venue, and played the concert on Ustream. I remember this well because I inexplicably had a day off of work, which gave me the perfect opportunity to wake up early so I could listen to a video game concert. (Totally worth it, by the way.)

You can find footage of the performances on Youtube (at least three of the four of them; I didn’t see DE DE MOUSE’s set come up when I was Googling this, but I also wasn’t looking for it), and it might be worthwhile to check out some of that. I distinctly remember a lot of the concert goers up near the stage wearing Emil masks (like, really prominently for the camera) and I’m pretty sure some of them were dancing during the closeout. I don’t remember the details of what I saw, I just remember I was laughing until I cried when the stream finally cut.

One of the performers at the concert was Go-qualia. He provided the “Suite of NieR” remix on the -echo- CD (the remix runs through Snow in Summer/The Ultimate Weapon/Ashes of Dreams), and his contribution to the concert was… this. This beautiful, beautiful thing.

It’s basically half of the soundtrack fused together into this gorgeous fluidity of music, moving seamlessly from one piece to the next before ending with the Suite as originally put on the -echo- album. This is the true Suite of NieR, basically, spanning several of the soundtrack highlights and fusing them together into one glorious symphony.


(The audio post version is spazzing the fuck out so forget it. Here’s a video.)

You can download the track for yourself right here, so you can listen to it whenever you want. Because you should. Why wouldn’t you.

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I was taking a break from the tsukiyama pic

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Remastered version of Shadowlords / Replicant Mix is now available to Download for Free.

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Pequeños detalles #NIER

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The Final Song - Sisters + Colors
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so happy to know that zero is making a western debut next year!(colored version of this) 


so happy to know that zero is making a western debut next year!
(colored version of this

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